The Stones Are Dancing With Mr. D.

The Rolling Stones were at one point as well known for their drug use as their music. I did a little digging and found a timeline of the arrests that you can check out HERE. Today, a lot of these arrests might not have been made as the US has loosened up and started to recognize that smoking a few joints is no worse than drinking a few beers.

There is a bit of local history for me too with their arrests. As you’ll see in the article, Mick and Keith had been arrested in Rhode Island but the mayor of Boston had the two released into his personal custody to keep a Rolling Stones concert scheduled for that evening in his city from being canceled. “The Stones have been busted, but I have sprung them!” Mayor White told an audience at Boston Garden.


Side One

Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)

Side Two

Dancing with Mr. D.

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