Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Kid Creole & The Coconuts- Dancin’(At The Bains Douches)

Kid Creole & The Coconuts- Dancin’(At The Bains Douches) (written and produced by August Darnell, a.k.a. Kid Creole)

If you need a humorous, tounge-and-cheek, dance track for an 80’s themed, then this one should definitely make the list. I love Kid Creole, mostly because he is a Québécois like myself, but for his whole persona and presentation. Listening to Kid Creole is like being at a performance, because unexpected things can happen. You may laugh at a lyric that you forgot or is meant to be funny, dance spontaneously, or even question what genres of music you prefer or are even listening to. This certainly is not my favorite song by Kid Creole & The Coconuts, however the idea of dancing at a coed bathhouse is hilarious. The Coconuts, his wife and two other back-up singers, taunt his ability again to “get it up” so gracefully. Frank would have appreciated the zinger-like lyrics and the fact that he was a chart-topping French Canadian. It really is a catchy tune and fun. Play it if you have it!

– Mr. Richard

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