Mr. Richard’s Reviews: Seal’s Krazy

A few months ago I mentioned that my roommate would be writing reviews for me and then… nothing happened for a bit. He had been working on his art but I finally got him! Since I mention him so much and he’s a large part of my crate digging adventures, I wanted to include him on here too. He’ll be able to elaborate on some singles a lot more eloquently than I normally do so enjoy! First up:

Seal- Krazy (written by Seal and produced by Trevor Horn and Tim Simenon)

Knowing that this song is not about mental health, it still seems to sooth my nerves when needed. Maybe it’s because Seal released this track in 1990, before my brother was even born. I was four years old and relatively healthy compared to now. I never considered myself slightly “crazy” until my second existential crisis, being diagnosed with chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy. Diabetes at thirteen was manageable on my own, but being bedridden for eight months can do its toll on one’s views of life. My psychiatrist says that I now see things more myopically than ever. Seal’s “Krazy brings back memories of a time that never even existed for me, but it is transcendentally mesmerizing. A decent suggestion is to play this tune and just meditate on it a couple times. I always feel calm afterward. When we discovered this maxi-single while crate digging, we knew that Frank would approve as he liked this one supposedly.

– Mr. Richard

Check out the original post HERE.

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