Who Are The Rolling Stones Anyway?

Do you know all of the members of the Stones? I’ll be honest, I’m terrible with names and definitely did not know everyone. Let’s review!

Current Official Members

Mick Jagger – lead and backing vocals, harmonica, guitar (1962–present)
Keith Richards – guitar, backing and lead vocals, bass guitar (1962–present)
Charlie Watts – drums, percussion (1963–present)
Ronnie Wood – guitar, lap steel guitar, pedal steel guitar, slide guitar, backing vocals, bass guitar (1975–present)
Former Official Members

Brian Jones – guitar, harmonica, misc. instruments, vocals (1962–1969; died 1969)
Ian Stewart – piano, percussion (1962–1963; died 1985)
Mick Taylor – guitar, backing vocals, bass guitar (1969–1974)
Bill Wyman – bass guitar, backing vocals (1962–1993)
Early members[217][218]Dick Taylor – bass guitar (1962)
Mick Avory – drums (1962)
Ricky Fenson – bass guitar (1962–1963)
Colin Golding – bass guitar (1962–1963)
Tony Chapman – drums (1962–1963)
Carlo Little – drums (1962–1963)

Touring Members

Bobby Keys – saxophone (1969–1973; 1982–present)
Chuck Leavell – keyboards, backing vocals (1982–present)
Lisa Fischer – backing vocals, co-lead vocals on “Gimmie Shelter” (1989–present)
Bernard Fowler – backing vocals (1989–present)
Darryl Jones – bass guitar, backing vocals (1993–present)
Mick Taylor – guitar, backing vocals (1981; 2012–present)
Ian Stewart – piano (1969; 1975–1976; 1978; 1981–1982)
Nicky Hopkins – keyboards (1971–1973)
Ian McLagan – keyboards (1978–1981)
Blondie Chaplin – backing vocals, percussion, guitar (1997–2007)


Side One

Let’s Spend the Night Together

Side Two

Ruby Tuesday

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