No More Friend

The Meditations are a reggae vocal harmony group from Jamaica formed in late 1974 by Danny Clarke, Ansel Cridland and Winston Watson. After releasing singles credited to the individual members, they began recording as The Meditations in late 1976. Their first album was released in 1977.

The Meditations sang backing vocals on a number of Bob Marley songs, including “Blackman Redemption,” “Punky Reggae Party,” and “Rastaman Live Up”, as well as providing backing for Gregory Isaacs, Jimmy Cliff and The Congos.

Their 1983 album, No More Friend saw them adapting to the prevailing dancehall sound. Cridland left the group, leaving Clarke and Watson to record 1988’s For The Good of Man without him, but they were reunited for 1993’s Return of The Meditations. They have subsequently toured the United States and Europe. All three members are now based in the US – Clarke in Arizona, Watson in Washington, and Cridland in New York City.


No More Friend

The Meditations

Side One

No More Friend
Forcing Me
Jack on Top
Mother Love
Book of History

Side Two

Carpenter Rebuild
Fuss and Fight
Slick Chick
Talk of the Town
Big City

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