Anthology Of Music Of Black Africa

This is a great album and pretty interesting. It takes a lot of traditional African music and compiles it on three disc set. Each disc is from a different area so it’s a great variety. I couldn’t really assign a specific country since it’s tribal music that doesn’t follow the borders. If you happen upon this set, pick it up!


Anthology of Music of Black Africa

Disc One: Sonar Senghor and His Troupe

Side One

Gnounba Gnibi
Dianka Bi
Sibi Saba

Side Two

Badunde Ndonga

Disc Two: Music of the Baoule / Music of the Malinke

The Baoulé are an Akan people and one of the largest groups in the Ivory Coast. The Baoulé are farmers who live in the eastern side of Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast). The Baoule people are represented by religion, art, festivals, and equal society. There are more than sixty-five different Akan-speaking ethnic groups living in Cote d’Ivoire. They live essentially in the middle of the Cote d’Ivoire between the Comoé River and the Bandama River.

The Mandinka, Malinke is a West African ethnic group with an estimated global population of eleven million. They belong to the larger Mandé group of peoples. They are the descendants of the Mali Empire, which rose to power under the rule of the Mandinka king Sundiata Keita. The Mandinka in turn belong to West Africa’s largest ethnolinguistic group, the Mandé, who account for more than twenty million people.

Side One

Festival Music
Solo for the Seron
Hymn of Praise
Percussion Instruments
Festival of the Circumcision
Dance of the Hunters
Dance of the Women

Side Two

Invocation, Entrance and Dance of the Glaou
Duet for Flutes
Solo for Musical Bow
Xylophone Solo
Male Chorus and Harp
Dance of the Witch Doctor

Disc Three: Music of the Princes of Dahomey – Festival of the Tihossou

Side One

Song of Zomadonou
Chorus and Drums for Opening Dance
Declamation of “Mlin Mlin”
Chorus: “The Way is Free”
Drums for the Nifossousso Dance
Drums for the Botro Dance
Chorus for the Botro Dance

Side Two

Drums for the Niegpadoudo Dance
Chorus for the Whissegnikon Dance
Prince’s Chorus: “Alou Koun Koun”
Priests’ Chant: Sacrifice of the Bull
Song: “Secret of the Voudon”
Rhythm: Asoukablo
Rhythm: Niegpadoudo

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