The Clooney Family Tree

Let’s take a few minutes to go through Rosemary’s family. There’s quite a number of successful members, including the one you’re all thinking of. I know it!

Clooney was born in Maysville, Kentucky. She was one of five children. Rosemary, Betty and Nick all became entertainers. In the next generation, some of her children and her nephew, George Clooney (yes, that handsome silver fox), also became entertainers. Her sister Betty sang in a duo with Rosemary for much of the latter’s early career.

Her sister Betty died suddenly of a brain aneurysm in 1976. Rosemary subsequently started a foundation in memory of and named for her sister. In 1983, Rosemary and her brother Nick co-chaired the Betty Clooney Foundation for the Brain-Injured.

Clooney was married twice to the movie star José Ferrer. They had five children: Miguel, Maria, Gabriel, Monsita, and Rafael. They divorced for the first time in 1961 then remarried in 1964, however, the marriage again crumbled for the last time in 1967. In 1997, she married her longtime friend, Dante DiPaolo.

A long-time smoker, Clooney was diagnosed with lung cancer at the end of 2001. Despite surgery, she died six months later on June 29, 2002, at her Beverly Hills home. George was a pallbearer at her funeral, which was attended by numerous stars.


Side One

Love Among the Young

Side Two

A Touch of the Blues

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