End of the Month Wrap Up: September 2014

September was a crazy month for music! A three day music festival, a concert, multiple trips to the record stores and oh so many posts!

First up, Boston Calling. It was so epic and I couldn’t wait so I posted about it at the beginning of the month. You can check out the post HERE to check out some pictures and how the Boston Calling three day experience was. Of course, there’s lots of videos of the acts like Lorde, Sky Ferreira, Nas, The Roots and more on Instagram and Facebook.

To close up the month, the roomie and I hit up Dutch ReBelle’s album release party. We’re both pretty obsessed with her after the Boston Urban Music Fest and it was great seeing some of the same acts from the festival last month and new local talent.


Opening for Dutch was Big J, Nyce Franklin, STL GLD and Reks (in order from left to right, top to bottom in the picture above). We had seen STL GLD before but all of the other acts were new to us. Out of the new acts, I was probably into Big J the most. Toss up for second between Nyce Franklin and Reks. Ea$y Money was also there! On one of his trips to Underground Hip Hip in Boston, the roommate found STL GLD on vinyl so we’ll be picking that up for the collection! It features Dutch too so that will hold me over until she hopefully presses.


Dutch ReBelle killed it as expected. I mean, she SLAYED that stage. If she doesn’t blow up bigger than some of those silicon booty rappers in wigs, I will be pretty appalled with the music scene. Dutch’s flow, her lyrical content, her personality all equal up to one amazing performer. You can check out even more pictures of the show HERE. If you haven’t downloaded her album, do it. Do it NOW! If you don’t, you’ll be missing out on the next big thing! We’re planning on seeing her again on Saturday at the Lawn on D in Boston. It’s a free concert! If you’re not in Massachusetts, she’ll be coming to your town soon. She just announced a show in Atlanta!

On top of the shows, we managed to purchase some serious amounts of vinyl this month. So much vinyl!! The roomie and I hit up Garnick’s twice for a reggae bonanza. They had received a ton of albums in from a college radio station. I did post about the first trip which you can see HERE, but not the second trip. The second trip was more to pick up what we left behind and we didn’t spend too much time there. We still have a pile of about 30 to pick up!! Oh, and they’re expected to get about 1000 more albums from the same radio station by the time we get in there!

I didn’t get to tag along, but my roommate made some trips into the city and while I was a work, he hit up some record stores for me. He scored some goodies at Armageddon Records (like a Lorde single!) and Underground Hip Hip (Glue – look for the post next month!). He didn’t manage to take any pictures for me to show you what the stores are like, but I’ll be tagging along next time!

In exciting blog news, I hit a major milestone! I’ve entered 1000 albums. A Stevie Wonder post took the coveted post spot (you can check it out HERE). I’m pretty proud to have come this far. There were some months I had basically given up but a little over two laters later, here I am! Still going!

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