Crate Digging Adventures


I’ve been saving my record store trips for the monthly wrap ups, but OH MY GOSH, I cannot wait! The roommate and I decided to stop by Garnick’s after lunch and they had just received a large shipment in from a radio station. There was so much reggae in the mix, it was un-frickin-believable. I could’ve spent all day there but the wallet was feeling the pain with what we picked out. I grabbed a few along with jazz, comedy and even a kids’ album! We have a stack set aside for after I get paid again too! I’m bad, I know!


We also hit up the dollar bins and I splurged on a few albums too! Be on the look out for some posts about all of the albums, but I wanted to rev y’all up too, so check out this little list of a sneak peak!

Dinah Washington

Count Basie

Boston Pops

Raffi (YES, RAFFI! Let’s take it back to when I was 5!)

New Kids On The Block

Joan Rivers

We also got a lot of international music, including some Kenyan pop music! I’m pumped to get all of them entered and share them with you so be sure to check back! I did also post more images of the trip to Garnick’s on Instagram and Facebook so if you’re interested in seeing the whole experience, hop on over there!

3 thoughts on “Crate Digging Adventures

  1. jazztraveler September 21, 2014 / 5:44 am

    That seems to have been a proper old school record store! I begin to miss the trips to the record stores, there are hardly any decent ones out there anymore where I live.
    Spotify is very convenient, but it is not the same.

    Looking forward to reading your reviews, more on Count Basie than on NKOTB, but anyway.

    Have fun and thanks for sharing!

    • EricaFrances September 21, 2014 / 3:12 pm

      Oh, it’s such a treasure. They’ve been in business forever, my whole family is shocked they’re still open! They do have an eBay store, not the same as going but at least they do list the best copies on there. I do find yard sales are thrift stores to be little secret treasure troves too, but you need to be willing to hunt for the good stuff.

      I’ll be getting to Basie soon! Well, if we manage to stop listening for me to catalog. My roommate is really into his music so the albums are constantly spinning! Thanks for stopping by!!

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