End of the Month Wrap Up – June 2014

As much as I’ve tried to keep this blog about the albums, there’s been a lot going on so I figure a monthly wrap up would be helpful, if not for you, for me!

June was hectic. I don’t usually feel too busy, but I feel like something was planned every weekend. I didn’t get to Garnick’s or any record store for that matter. I felt like I organized, was fundraising or just helping with the roomie all month instead of actually working on this blog and new entries. Call it guilt after the year off I suppose!

As hectic as the month was, I did put every single album away though! You can hop over to the Facebook page or Instagram to check out all of the pictures of the progress like the one below. I still need another shelving unit to finish putting everything away but it’s ordered!


The roomie has made vast improvements in his treatments but we had a cancer scare, a kidney scare and don’t forget the diabetes scares. Oh, and he fell on the stairs but just got a bump on the leg. He’s been helping with the collection a lot more though and has a playlist of singles stashed away in a specific order.

I’ve mentioned it once or twice before but next month I’m jumping off a building! Seriously! This is going to be me soon!!


I’m one of 100 or so people, 25 from my work that signed up to go Over The Edge to raise awareness for Special Olympics. Every $500 earned covers one athlete for a year and I’m close to earning my $1000 goal! It’s been a journey and I’m so excited for the day to finally come. You can learn more or even donate $10 if you’re so inclined HERE!

Lastly, one of the main reasons I wanted to do a monthly wrap up is because I wanted to share some of the cool links I stumble upon and give a shout out to those who have given me one! I must have been busy because I only stumbled upon two nifty links. The first about Tupac on Buzzfeed and the second, a silly little list about collecting vinyl on Buzzfeed as well.

It was a pretty cool month still though as some of the albums were shared on other sites, the first being Toemail. You can check out the specific post HERE if it intrigues you! (As a sidenote, you might be like oh, a foot fetish site? Really? No, it’s not like that at all! Check it out!).

The second site, I Write the Music, is pretty awesome as well! You can check the post out HERE as well. I haven’t gotten to completely exploring since they just reblogged, but I plan on it. There’s a lot I don’t know about music theory or heck, even music in general! I think this blog is definitely going to help me out!

I hope you have a fantastic Fourth! Check out the fireworks, hit up a beach and fire up those grills! I don’t really have any plans, but do have a bunch of posts ready to go so that I can soak in some rays.

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