New music, New Music, New Music!!

Oh my gosh! It has been so long, I’ve actually picked up a decent amount of “My Own Albums”.

First, there was that Bob Marley post before I disappeared, but there’s more! I am so happy to be settled in more and able to start posting again, I really did miss you guys, but I’m too lazy to get up and do any actual work right now. It’s Friday, it’s been a long week and my dogs are baaarking. I did manage to see some free music today down by City Hall in Boston, but damn those cobblestones at Faneuil are a pain after a while. I have no clue what the name of the band was but they were friends of friends of friends. You know how that goes.

Back on track, new music. What do I have for my own albums?

The Lumineers

A Coca Cola Steel Drum Band (random amazing $1 purchase)

Wu Tang; 36 Chambers


Bon Iver

A classical album, ya know, just a Bolero to spice it up

Hood Internet


I think that’s most of it. I feel like there is some more that the roomie got me or I got him but I really can’t remember. I kind of panic at the record store. I spent more time flipping through and trying to decide that I only end up with one at a time. Do I go totally quirky and nuts or stay true to the top hits of the collection’s past? Then I’m like well, how do I even start to fill in the 90s, there’s a gap there! And, I mean there are some from the early 2000s, but if I stay on track with the top hits, damn, I better win the lottery! If you guys have suggestions, let me know in the comments. Please, I need your help! What would your top albums be from the 1990s? From Y2K? 2005?

Also, you should be liking the darn Facebook page already people! There’s some funny links from Buzzfeed, links to cool stuff like a Wu Tang inspired menu in Boston this week and more, MUCH MORE!!

Oh and also, Dawson and Daria do say hi. They’re busy trying to steal the roomie’s Subway so they can’t pose.

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