I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaack!

Well, it’s been a while (okay a really freakin’ long time), but I’m back!!

What have I been up to, where have I been, why did I abandon you? Well, let’s see, I moved outside the city, my roommate was diagnosed with a weird disease that causes paralysis (CIDP – Wikipedia it) and work has been hectic. I also needed to get a new computer and yeah, long story short, I’m here! Tell your friends, tell your cousin, tell your mom!

There’s a ton of albums I need to add but I need to get everything back. Obviously, moving in the summer, I didn’t want to risk the vinyl and heat so the albums are on siesta at my mom’s. Seriously, it was like 160 degrees when we moved in. Okay, like 110 with humidity, but I still think some of my insides cooked. I have two boxes here out of like 45,000,000.

Hopefully within the next two weeks I’ll be regularly posting again. Look for a ton of various artist albums, some contemporary artists and loads and loads and loads of singles. Oh, and be sure to check out the Facebook page for great links and a personal look into the collection. I’ll be posting some pictures there soon of the music room!

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