Mirror Image Performs the Songs of Billy Joel

It’s pretty rare that I can’t find information about a band or artist. Typically it takes me typing the first three letters of their name into Google. BAM! Information overload. I believe the only other album I wasn’t able to find any information about was Bonnie Anderson. The closest I could find for her was a character in a Pixar movie. The only information I could find for Mirror Image was the actual definition of a mirror image. To be fair, I rarely can make it past the first few pages of the useless information so if you find anything out there, let me know!!!

At least with Mirror Image, I know what to expect: Billy Joel songs!

Mirror Image Performs the Songs of Billy Joel

Side One

You May Be Right
The Entertainer
Piano Man
Rosalinda’s Eyes
Movin’ Out (Anthony’s Song)

Side Two

My Life
Don’t Ask Me Why
Sleeping with the Television On

Side Three

It’s Still Rock & Roll To Me
Through the Long Night
She’s Always a Woman to Me
Sometimes a Fantasy
Just the Way You Are

Side Four

Only the Good Die Young
Big Shot
New York State of Mind

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