Presented by Smokey Robinson: Human Nature

I know I haven’t posted many updates about local music or concerts just yet, but my mom and aunt at the Orpheium Theater in Boston this weekend. It was “Presented by Smokey Robinson: Human Nature”. The show was an amazing tribute to Motown.

The guys, Human Nature, are from Australia and are quite successful. The group was originally formed as a doo-wop band in 1989 while the current members were at school together in Sydney. So far, the band has had 17 Top 40 hits and five Top 10 hits in Australia since 1996 when their first album Telling Everybody was released. The group has certified sales of 1.6 million records in Australia. They covered everyone at the show from Marvin Gaye to the Jacksons to the Supremes.  I’ve posted some pictures for you to check out so I hope you enjoy them!

Opening Act: The Nor’easters from Northeaster University. I’m really into a cappella right now. I love The Sing Off on TV and how far the genre has come. This group was great! Since they’re college kids (in the arts field, which let me tell you – is NOT easy), you should probably support them and check them out here!

Human Nature covering some Marvin Gaye.

The guy playing piano was insanely good. They put together a great tribute for him since he’s played with all the Motown greats.

Couldn’t seem to snag a great picture of the back up band, but these guys had incredible energy all night long. I could honestly just listen to them without singing all night.

The finale! What a great show. The guys had everyone up and dancing at the end. I’ll admit, this was scarring. White men, over 50 should be banned from attempting to dance.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!!

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