Hee Haw!

Roy Linwood Clark (born April 15, 1933) is an American country music musician and performer. He is best known for hosting Hee Haw, a nationally televised country variety show, from 1969 to 1992. Roy Clark has been an important and influential figure in country music, both as a performer and helping to popularize the genre.


During the 1970s, Clark frequently guest-hosted for Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show and enjoyed a 30-million viewership for Hee Haw. Clark is highly regarded and renowned as a guitarist and banjo player, and is also skilled in classical guitar and several other instruments. Although he has had hit songs as a pop vocalist (e.g., “Yesterday, When I Was Young” and “Thank God and Greyhound”), his instrumental skill has had an enormous effect on generations of bluegrass and country musicians. He is a member of the Grand Ole Opry, since 1987 and The Country Music Hall of Fame.


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Yesterday, When I Was Young

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Just Another Man

Seduction’s Heartbeat

I’m kind of into doing “Where Are They Now” posts for some of the groups, especially when all of the members have gone on to be successful on their own. So, on that note, let’s catch up with the gals from Seduction!

Idalis DeLeon went on to become a prominent MTV VJ as well as an actress on TV shows and feature films. Today she runs an entertainment-related website where she coaches clients to brand their act.

Outside of Seduction, Michelle Visage performed guest vocals on a number of other artists’ songs. In the 1990s, Visage co-hosted a talk show, the The RuPaul Show with RuPaul. Since 2011, she has become a permanent panel judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race. She has also worked for a number of New York radio stations.

April Harris earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Howard University’s School of Communication. She has performed in plays like Dreamgirls (National Tour), Footloose (National Tour), The Wiz, and Medea and Beehive. In 2004, April established AVH Entertainment, LLC, a music and television production company. She owns the rights to the name Seduction and reassembled the group with two new members to release an album of new material in 2005. Current projects in development include a television show geared towards teens.


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Heartbeat (Remix)

It Was A Good Day

“Listen, I know you don’t smoke weed…I know this. But I’ma get you hiigh today. ‘Cause it’s Friday…you ain’t got no job…and you ain’t got shit to do!”

Yes, Friday was one of my favorite movies when I was younger. Next Friday was fine too, but it fell off for me after that.

O’Shea Jackson (born June 15, 1969), better known by his stage name Ice Cube, is an American rapper, record producer, actor, screenwriter, film producer, and director.

He got his start with the group N.W.A. After leaving N.W.A in December 1989, he built a successful solo career in music, and also as a writer, director, actor, and producer in cinema. Additionally, he has served as one of the producers of the Showtime TV series Barbershop and the TBS series Are We There Yet?, both of which are based upon the films in which he portrayed the lead character.

Ice Cube is noted as a proficient lyricist and storyteller and is regarded as a brutally honest rapper; his lyrics are often political as well as violent, and he is considered one of the founding artists in gangsta rap. AllMusic has called him one of hip-hop’s best and most controversial artists, as well as “one of rap’s greatest storytellers”.


It Was a Good Day

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Radio Version

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Instrumental Version

Seduction Needs Two To Make It Right

I was reading through Wikipedia, looking for information on Seduction and became speechless when I realized who one of the members was. One of my favorite shows is RuPaul’s Drag Race. I have my favorite contestants from every season and absolutely love all the judges’ sass.

One of those judges is Michelle Visage. I’m very familiar with Ru’s past and even in the later seasons, some of the judges were from my other reality shows, like Project Runway but I had absolutely no idea about Michelle’s past. I knew she was obviously a successful person in the entertainment industry, but I did not how she got her start.

Seduction was a U.S. female dance-pop, urban contemporary, house, and freestyle trio from New York, consisting of members April Harris (born March 25, 1967), Michelle Visage (September 20, 1968), and Idalis DeLeon (born June 15, 1966).


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Two to Make It Right

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Two to Make It Right (Remix)

What A Plot, There Are Children Playing In The Street

For this post, I kind of wanted to do a “Where are They Now” catch up on the Melody Makers. I’ve touched on it in previous posts, but it’s nice to expand on previous ones here and there. The Marleys are such a huge family that had a ever bigger impact on music so I feel that should be reflected here.

Ziggy Marley and The Melody Makers After 2000

In 2003, Stephen and his brother Damian put together an album called Educated Fools under the group name of Marley Boyz (you remember that post).

In 2007, Stephen released his first solo album, which earned a Grammy award. In 2011, he released his second album.

In 2003, like his brothers, Ziggy released his first album. In 2006, Ziggy released his second album, which earned Grammy award for “Best Reggae Album”. In 2008, Ziggy released a live CD/DVD “Love Is My Religion Live” and the next year, he released his third album. In July 2011, Ziggy released his fourth album, Wild and Free.

Cedella currently is the CEO of Tuff Gong International and continues to tour with the Melody Makers internationally and perform on numerous TV shows. She has also developed a collection of women’s clothing. In February 2011, Cedella announced she would design the kit for the Jamaican track and field team at the 2012 Olympics, under an arrangement with Puma. Later that year, she also released a book called “One Love”.

Sharon balances her prowess on stage with the Caribbean business of Ghetto Youth United, the Melody Makers support group and as the curator of the Bob Marley Museum.


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What a Plot

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Children Playing in the Street

I Wanna Have Some Fun With Samantha Fox

The eldest daughter of Carole Ann Wilken and the late John Patrick Fox, Samantha Karen Fox attended St Thomas More Catholic School, Wood Green and took an interest in the theatre from an early age. She first appeared on a theatre stage at age 3, and was enrolled in the Anna Scher Theatre School from age 15. The next year she got her first record deal,with Lamborghini Records.

Fox’s father Patrick, a former carpenter, managed her career until 1991, when she hired accountants to trace over £1 million that she believed he had embezzled from her accounts. She sued her father, who by then had divorced and remarried, and in May 1995 she was awarded a £363,000 court settlement. Patrick Fox died in 2000, at which time they had not spoken for almost a decade.

In the late 1980s Fox became romantically linked with Australian con man Peter Foster. They began dating but she turned down his marriage proposal. She had also a relationship with Paul Stanley, guitarist and singer of the rock band Kiss.

Rumours regarding Fox’s sexual orientation began to surface in 1999 when she judged a lesbian beauty pageant, and rumors circulated that the woman she resided with was actually her lover. In February 2003, she made a statement about her personal life: “I have slept with other women but I’ve not been in love before Myra Stratton. People say I’m gay….I don’t know what I am. All I know is that I’m in love with Myra. I love her completely and want to spend the rest of my life with her.”

Fox said that she was reluctant to come out because after having already dealt with obsessed fans and stalkers, she feared fans’ possible reactions to her being in a relationship with a woman. In August 2009, she announced her plans to have a civil partnership with Stratton.


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I Wanna Have Some Fun

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Don’t Cheat on Me