Boston Calling 2014


I was planning on saving the Boston Calling adventure for the End Of The Month Wrap Up, but so much ended up happening, I figured it might be deserving of it’s own post.


The tickets to Boston Calling were a splurge but since the roomie was able to walk again, I figured he deserved something awesome. We got in a little late so we did miss most of Future Islands’ set but they did seem to set the tone off right for the night.


City Hall Plaza is all steps so it was a bit rough for my roommate walking around, but we managed to get up close for Neutral Milk Hotel. At the request of the band, I didn’t take any images or video of the performance and just experienced it. A few people did film, but I mean, if an artist requests something, I usually honor that request. I guess it could be because of my own history in the arts and wanting my voice heard as I intended it through my art. The pre-performance screen letting you know the group was up next is all you’re getting outta this girl!


Last up for Friday night was The National. We moved back to get the roomie some relieve on his feet. The great part of the plaza is that they have waist high columns large enough for people to sit comfortably and still see the two stages. The National did get the crowd going, but the feedback from the cement buildings did affect them a bit. I noticed it with a few bands but being surrounded by a concrete jungle, you had to forgive them for it, it’s a bit unusual to be outside with skyscrapers!


Saturday started off great! We made out way down on the train, caught lunch at Faneuil Hall while watching some amazing break dancers and headed in. Sky Ferreira delivered an amazing performance. I had some reservations about her, just knowing she had a drug bust and opened for Miley, but she brought back some rock chick moments from my teen years for me. Her keyboardist was great, controlling pretty much the whole show from his pedals and we even managed to bump into them on their way out while we headed to lunch across the street!

After lunch, we managed to get settled back in when the rain storm called off the late afternoon acts. I was actually picking up some smokes at 7-11 and heard it on the loud speaker. Knowing the roommate had issues walking and there was a horde of people leaving the venue, I panicked a bit. He managed to leave fine since he waited and there were multiple exits open. We hung around for an hour and the skies cleared up a bit so we made our way over to the entrance.

Social media was slow to update so we didn’t catch there was a longer delay in acts, so we waited for a bit before the cops announced the street was being closed. After that, we walked more. Back to North Station actually, since there were bathrooms and we could maybe catch a train if the show was cancelled. It was getting late after all and social media updates were vague.

They finally announced that the show was on and gates were opened. We walked back and realized a massive group of people was not moving and getting pretty anxious and upset. We sat on some stairs away from the crowd but eventually a few kids hopped the fences behind us. Not great, since if the fences fell or if there was a rush, we couldn’t move fast. We walked around the corner and tried to get in the exit we left from. Denied. We could hear music starting so we were anxious to get in. Girl Talk had already been cancelled and we knew Lorde would likely be a shortened set. We made our way all the way back around and the crowd was still anxious. They opened the gates up and people started rushing them, with and without tickets. The handicap ramp was overrun. We made it in after somebody was kind enough to flank my roommate’s right side. Staying back from the massive crowd, we still almost were trampled a few times as people kept rushing in. How they didn’t let people in a little sooner or through the same exits we all left from amazes me.


Since it was so unsafe for people, especially handicap people, we ended up talking with a supervisor of the staff. The roommate was upset and rightfully so, the tickets said it was accessible and it certainly wasn’t. Due to the issues, we were upgraded to VIP for Lorde, Childish Gambino and all of Sunday, this way it would be more comfortable and safer.


I must say, despite the amount of stress from the chaos after the rain, they really did make up for it. There were other handicap people there and how they got around is amazing and thankfully, Sunday, there seemed to be a lot more options and upgrades for people on crutches, wheelchairs and whatnot.


Twenty-One Pilots was a group that surprised me on Sunday. Well, I guess that’s because I hadn’t heard of them and they put on a great stage show! They actually brought instruments that were secured to plywood into the crowd to play on top of. It was crazy! I’m planning on downloading some music from them, but we’ll see if I like them recorded enough to buy an album!


Nas and the Roots were incredible. I did think that they would play more together instead of separately and blended between the two acts. They acted more of hype men for one or two songs of each other’s. I had never seen either perform and it was mind blowing. I can’t wrap my head around it!

There are tons of videos so please be sure to hop on over to my Instagram account to check them all out!! Enjoy!!!


End of the Month Wrap Up: August 2014


Outside of the office job, August was a pretty relaxing month. I started by blogging at the beach and ended it with a music festival and some crate digging adventures. With so much going on, I’m going to leave the link section out of this update, but you should be following on Facebook and Instagram too so you catch everything!!

For the first record store trip, I sent my roommate to Armageddon Records in Cambridge. The scene in there is a bit too hipster / gutter punk but if you’re willing to hunt, you can find a little bit of everything. Just be prepared for a judging eye if you’re without safety pin adornment. I gave the roomie $20.00 and said “Surprise me please!”. To prepare for Boston Calling next week, he picked me up Lorde and Nas singles along with a Modest Mouse single and various artists LP.


Last weekend, I heard about Boston Urban Music Festival so the roommate and I decided to head on down to the Bean. It was a great mix of local rappers and hip hop performers! We got down a little late so the first act we caught is above, Dutch Rebelle. Her album drops next month so I’m thinking about hitting up her show. The roomie and I both fell in love with her! Kiss Kiss BANG BANG baby!


Up after Dutch Rebelle and also performing with her for the record release, was STL GLD. They had a little more rock infused into their style. They amped up the crowd a ton! It was such a nice mix of music since they did bring in that rock influence.


Coming out of Berklee, was the J Dilla Ensemble. They were this great melting pot of musicians and incredibly talented. They performed an amazing variety and belted those songs out! I think I instantly fell in love with the keytar player!


After they performed, Shea Rose took the stage. Oh. My. Lord. I was blown away. She was the perfect mixture of hip hop, soul, rock and funk. On top of the amazing sound, she was intelligent, inspiring and downright stunning to watch.


Closing out the show was Talib Kweli. He was honestly, my motivation for going but I was so blown away with the local groups. I didn’t end up staying for his whole set as it was a Sunday and I’m like a grandma and need my bed by 9:00 on work nights but appreciated that I caught his speech on Ferguson and Michael Brown. Being white, I do have a certain level of privilege and to top it off, my dad was a police officer (he wasn’t the type to let his badge go to his head). I will never know what it’s like to be profiled but I do hope I’m another voice that can help to speak out against the inequality. We are all human and somebody’s child. Everyone deserves respect and to be treated with a level of dignity despite their color, gender or sexual orientation. We are all different in some little way and shouldn’t let the differences prevent us from getting along. My friends are black, white, yellow, shades of orange and tan, gay, straight, bi, confused, etc and I love every single one of them for their uniqueness, that’s what makes us all human.


Yesterday, I hit up a record store in New Hampshire, Pitchfork Records, with a fellow vinyl lover I met through Instagram. She was hilarious and had great taste in music. We snagged a couple of albums out form each other, but hey, all’s fair in crate digging! Here’s to many more adventures in those crates!

I do have a little announcement about the blog that I’d like to close this post out with. My roommate, Mr. Richard, as he’ll be posting under will be putting some reviews up. I’ve asked him to do it for a little while now as my reviews are often “I like this”, “This annoys me” or “I sing along to this” and he can articulate his thoughts a little bit more than that. I hope you enjoy his reviews and thoughts on the collection!

End of the Month Wrap Up: July 2014


This was a busy month and I’m going to stray from the music news a little bit in this post (and even insert a selfie! Oh my, what is this blog coming to?!?!).

First things first: I JUMPED OFF A BUILDING! Okay, rappelled. Let’s not get technical though.

Dressed in full cat lady gear as seen above. It was amazing, breathtaking, stunning, f@$#ing awesome, I don’t even have words to continue on about what an experience it was. I got in the harness (may not be able to have babies, damn it was tight!) and headed up to the roof to prepare. After a safety explanation and practice rappel off a five foot ledge, it was on to 22 stories of the Hyatt.


Clipped in, I slowly glanced down the side and for a split second, I asked myself what the heck I was doing up there but it was time. I scooted up onto the ledge, grabbed the bar and slowly leaned into the harness. Five minutes later, I was midway down, waving to my mom, aunt and roommate as they cheered. Yes, I could hear them all at the top! When I hit the bottom, my legs were a bit weak, like sea legs after a day of boating but it was so worth it! I ended up raising just under $1200.00 but my fundraising page is still open!


Every $500.00 I earn, covers an athlete for the year. We’re talking transportation, training and equipment. I was able to meet a few athletes and they’re truly inspiring. Not only do they train hard every day, they worked hard at the rappel and made sure we were all set on the way up to the roof and cheered for us at the bottom. Still, why would I just go out and do something so extreme? I think it’s just another piece of my dad in my heart. He raised a weirdo obsessive collector, with an adventurous soul that wants to help people, just like him (don’t forget the fart jokes!).

Aside from the biggest fundraiser I’ve taken part of to date, July was also a month of music for me. I blogged a whole bunch, saw some local performers and there were some great links out there so I felt immersed this month.


The Lowell Folk Fest was the 25th – 27th so I headed down Saturday and Sunday with friends and family. It was so much fun and I think I managed to walk off all the fried dough I ate. Ya know, Lowell sometimes gets crapped on but I love it here. It’s certainly not crack town USA anymore and the diversity is amazing. Honestly, I think there might be more ethnicities in Lowell than all of Massachusetts because of our mill history. Do you know how much yummy food and great folk music performances that makes for!?!


By far, the most popular line was for the Polish tent. These ladies are NOTORIOUS. My family is partly Polish so I’ve known of these magical bites of heaven for ever. Above is one of the ladies actually demonstrating how to make pierogis.


There was a LOT of great music, but I only managed to grab one picture to share with you. Above is the bluegrass group that played, but there were street performers, steel drum groups, a Japanese drumming group (they were SO COOL!) and a traditional Greek folk group that all played ass well.

Like I mentioned, there were a lot of great lists out there this month. Ladies, if you’re sick of “bro country”, head over to THIS Buzzfeed post so listen to some bad ass ladies. I’ll admit, I’m not a big country fan, but it’s not fair to exclude the genre, especially on this blog! Also, on the new music side of things, there is a group of hard rocking 8th graders out there kicking some major metal butt. Learn more about the group from another Buzzfeed article HERE.

Do you have Spotify? Hit up THIS Billboard article for an awesome summer playlist. Thirty songs should give you a great start to that cook out, picnic, party, rafting down the river trip or whatever your adventure is! Summer’s also the time for lo-oO-OoO-v-eeee so if you’re feeling a little romantic, I have a Buzzfeed link for ya! Head over to it HERE. Speaking of Summer, Billboard had a great list of songs from the 1970s for the summer. Check it out!

Well, that’s about all for July! It felt very busy, hopefully August will just be relaxing beach days, blogging and a baby watch for two amazing ladies (not me!)!

Happy Fourth!!


The weather has New England feeling a little wet this Fourth but when have we ever let the weather stop us?!? The Pops and Beach Boys performed last night in Boston. I didn’t make it back into the city, but I did catch a clip on the news this morning and it looked like a great time. My half-sister said the fireworks were fantastic too!

Since it is the Fourth and there are hundreds of songs that are about this fine country of ours, I wanted to put together a little post with some of the most popular songs. I took some polls, got some results and then hit up the ol’ Googles and complied some lists. The winners were on the most Google lists and voted for the most by you! Check out the results!


10. Whitney Houston – National Anthem

9. Ray Charles – America the Beautiful

8. Neil Young – Rockin’ in the Free World

7. Sammy Hagar – Remember the Heroes

6. Johnny Cash – Ragged Old Flag

5. Lynyrd Skynard – Red, White & Blue

4. Tim McGraw – If You’re Reading This

3. Bruce Springsteen – Born in the USA

2. Jimi Hendrix – Star Spangled Banner

1. Lee Greenwood – God Bless the USA

Of course, some of these songs have deeper or dark meanings than just being patriotic. check out this Buzzfeed List of some of the stories behind the music!

Patriotic Poll Time!

I’m trying to find the most patriotic songs for a special post on the 4th but I need your help! Can you help? Will you fill out the poll below?



I Need YOUR Help! Poll Time People!

The Fourth is right around the corner! I can’t wait to relax, soak in some vitamin D and sip on an adult beverage. I am working on a special post for the holiday though so please help!

Take the poll below and let me know what you think is the MOST patriotic song. I have a great deal of Google results but want, nah, I need your input!

I’ll be posting more over the next few days so please be on the look out!


While you’re helping out, if you’re feeling extra charitable, hop on over to my Over the Edge fundraising page! I’m 18 days away from my big rappel down the Hyatt in Boston!

End of the Month Wrap Up – June 2014

As much as I’ve tried to keep this blog about the albums, there’s been a lot going on so I figure a monthly wrap up would be helpful, if not for you, for me!

June was hectic. I don’t usually feel too busy, but I feel like something was planned every weekend. I didn’t get to Garnick’s or any record store for that matter. I felt like I organized, was fundraising or just helping with the roomie all month instead of actually working on this blog and new entries. Call it guilt after the year off I suppose!

As hectic as the month was, I did put every single album away though! You can hop over to the Facebook page or Instagram to check out all of the pictures of the progress like the one below. I still need another shelving unit to finish putting everything away but it’s ordered!


The roomie has made vast improvements in his treatments but we had a cancer scare, a kidney scare and don’t forget the diabetes scares. Oh, and he fell on the stairs but just got a bump on the leg. He’s been helping with the collection a lot more though and has a playlist of singles stashed away in a specific order.

I’ve mentioned it once or twice before but next month I’m jumping off a building! Seriously! This is going to be me soon!!


I’m one of 100 or so people, 25 from my work that signed up to go Over The Edge to raise awareness for Special Olympics. Every $500 earned covers one athlete for a year and I’m close to earning my $1000 goal! It’s been a journey and I’m so excited for the day to finally come. You can learn more or even donate $10 if you’re so inclined HERE!

Lastly, one of the main reasons I wanted to do a monthly wrap up is because I wanted to share some of the cool links I stumble upon and give a shout out to those who have given me one! I must have been busy because I only stumbled upon two nifty links. The first about Tupac on Buzzfeed and the second, a silly little list about collecting vinyl on Buzzfeed as well.

It was a pretty cool month still though as some of the albums were shared on other sites, the first being Toemail. You can check out the specific post HERE if it intrigues you! (As a sidenote, you might be like oh, a foot fetish site? Really? No, it’s not like that at all! Check it out!).

The second site, I Write the Music, is pretty awesome as well! You can check the post out HERE as well. I haven’t gotten to completely exploring since they just reblogged, but I plan on it. There’s a lot I don’t know about music theory or heck, even music in general! I think this blog is definitely going to help me out!

I hope you have a fantastic Fourth! Check out the fireworks, hit up a beach and fire up those grills! I don’t really have any plans, but do have a bunch of posts ready to go so that I can soak in some rays.