Happy Fourth!!


The weather has New England feeling a little wet this Fourth but when have we ever let the weather stop us?!? The Pops and Beach Boys performed last night in Boston. I didn’t make it back into the city, but I did catch a clip on the news this morning and it looked like a great time. My half-sister said the fireworks were fantastic too!

Since it is the Fourth and there are hundreds of songs that are about this fine country of ours, I wanted to put together a little post with some of the most popular songs. I took some polls, got some results and then hit up the ol’ Googles and complied some lists. The winners were on the most Google lists and voted for the most by you! Check out the results!


10. Whitney Houston – National Anthem

9. Ray Charles – America the Beautiful

8. Neil Young – Rockin’ in the Free World

7. Sammy Hagar – Remember the Heroes

6. Johnny Cash – Ragged Old Flag

5. Lynyrd Skynard – Red, White & Blue

4. Tim McGraw – If You’re Reading This

3. Bruce Springsteen – Born in the USA

2. Jimi Hendrix – Star Spangled Banner

1. Lee Greenwood – God Bless the USA

Of course, some of these songs have deeper or dark meanings than just being patriotic. check out this Buzzfeed List of some of the stories behind the music!

Patriotic Poll Time!

I’m trying to find the most patriotic songs for a special post on the 4th but I need your help! Can you help? Will you fill out the poll below?



I Need YOUR Help! Poll Time People!

The Fourth is right around the corner! I can’t wait to relax, soak in some vitamin D and sip on an adult beverage. I am working on a special post for the holiday though so please help!

Take the poll below and let me know what you think is the MOST patriotic song. I have a great deal of Google results but want, nah, I need your input!

I’ll be posting more over the next few days so please be on the look out!


While you’re helping out, if you’re feeling extra charitable, hop on over to my Over the Edge fundraising page! I’m 18 days away from my big rappel down the Hyatt in Boston!

End of the Month Wrap Up – June 2014

As much as I’ve tried to keep this blog about the albums, there’s been a lot going on so I figure a monthly wrap up would be helpful, if not for you, for me!

June was hectic. I don’t usually feel too busy, but I feel like something was planned every weekend. I didn’t get to Garnick’s or any record store for that matter. I felt like I organized, was fundraising or just helping with the roomie all month instead of actually working on this blog and new entries. Call it guilt after the year off I suppose!

As hectic as the month was, I did put every single album away though! You can hop over to the Facebook page or Instagram to check out all of the pictures of the progress like the one below. I still need another shelving unit to finish putting everything away but it’s ordered!


The roomie has made vast improvements in his treatments but we had a cancer scare, a kidney scare and don’t forget the diabetes scares. Oh, and he fell on the stairs but just got a bump on the leg. He’s been helping with the collection a lot more though and has a playlist of singles stashed away in a specific order.

I’ve mentioned it once or twice before but next month I’m jumping off a building! Seriously! This is going to be me soon!!


I’m one of 100 or so people, 25 from my work that signed up to go Over The Edge to raise awareness for Special Olympics. Every $500 earned covers one athlete for a year and I’m close to earning my $1000 goal! It’s been a journey and I’m so excited for the day to finally come. You can learn more or even donate $10 if you’re so inclined HERE!

Lastly, one of the main reasons I wanted to do a monthly wrap up is because I wanted to share some of the cool links I stumble upon and give a shout out to those who have given me one! I must have been busy because I only stumbled upon two nifty links. The first about Tupac on Buzzfeed and the second, a silly little list about collecting vinyl on Buzzfeed as well.

It was a pretty cool month still though as some of the albums were shared on other sites, the first being Toemail. You can check out the specific post HERE if it intrigues you! (As a sidenote, you might be like oh, a foot fetish site? Really? No, it’s not like that at all! Check it out!).

The second site, I Write the Music, is pretty awesome as well! You can check the post out HERE as well. I haven’t gotten to completely exploring since they just reblogged, but I plan on it. There’s a lot I don’t know about music theory or heck, even music in general! I think this blog is definitely going to help me out!

I hope you have a fantastic Fourth! Check out the fireworks, hit up a beach and fire up those grills! I don’t really have any plans, but do have a bunch of posts ready to go so that I can soak in some rays.

Over the Edge! Please Help!

This is not a music related post, but I need some help and figured I could count on some of my followers for support while I try to raise money for an amazing foundation. When my dad got sick, he still made it about others and donated to Dana Farber, Boston Children’s Hospital and the Lakes Region Hospital. Aside from the album collection, I want to keep his giving spirit alive.

As a kid, I climbed everything, flipped off roofs into snow, and gone over my handlebars more times than I can count. I’m finally taking my crazy risk taking personality and putting it to good use. Yep, I am only 1 of 100 people going “Over the Edge” for Special Olympics and rappelling from the rooftop of the Hyatt Regency, Boston!!!

Please join me in helping Special Olympics Massachusetts provide this wonderful program.  CLICK HERE and you will be taken to my personal donation page where you can make a secure, tax-deductible online credit card donation. I know that times are tough for everyone, but even a few dollars will bring me that much closer to my $1000.00 donation.

Why would I do something so crazy?  Because individuals with intellectual disabilities face their fears every day and Special Olympics has been there helping them do that for over 40 years.  Special Olympics Massachusetts provides year round sports training and competition programs for over 11,000 individuals with intellectual disabilities for free.  Sports is the platform from which athletes gain self esteem and confidence to achieve their everyday objectives.  Sports is the catalyst for acceptance, inclusion, community engagement and so much more.

For more on the Athletes of Special Olympics Massachusetts and how you can get involved visit http://www.specialolympicsma.org.

Thank you so much for your support!

A Trip To the Record Store – Garnick’s

This last weekend, I packed my bags and headed to Vermont with the roommate. After a night in Weston without cell service, we proceeded to Burlington. My intention was to head to a couple of record stores there, but alas, I drank while they were open on Saturday and they opened pretty late on Sunday. It was rainy and bleeehhh outside so we called it a day. I did hit up the Bern Gallery where I saw some pretty nifty painted album covers. I had posted this earlier on Instagram (have you checked it out yet, you should, you should!) but in case you haven’t seen it, these are two of those covers.


To make up for my timing on the Vermont trip, the roomie and I headed to Garnick’s today on Middlesex in Lowell. It. Was. Amazing. The guy, Bob, knew my dad, his music AND had some funny stories about my dad. I definitely loaded up while in there too. He’s holding a Nina Simone album for me too, which I’m so freakin’ pumped for. The store was pretty crowded, but they’re absolutely fantastic in there. There are some more pictures on Facebook too, get your buns over there and check it out!




Like I said, I loaded up. The roomie opted for more classic, collectables and I went straight up piggy style and got all the guilty pleasures I wanted. I’m working on some other posts right now but be on the look out for:

Eddie Murphy

Bethlehem’s Finest – a various artists album with artists like Julie London, Betty Roche, Mel Torme, etc

Nancy Wilson

Billie Holiday

Together – an album with Diana Ross, The Supremes and The Temptations

Another Diana Ross album

Al Green

And… Miss Jackson if you’re nasty! Janet Jackson

I’m so excited to get these entered and listen to them. I’m headed back to Garnick’s Saturday to pick up my Nina and they’re also checking for some reggae for me. More updates to come!

New music, new music, new music!!

Oh my gosh! It has been so long, I’ve actually picked up a decent amount of “My Own Albums”.

First, there was that Bob Marley post before I disappeared, but there’s more! I am so happy to be settled in more and able to start posting again, I really did miss you guys, but I’m too lazy to get up and do any actual work right now. It’s Friday, it’s been a long week and my dogs are baaarking. I did manage to see some free music today down by City Hall in Boston, but damn those cobblestones at Faneuil are a pain after a while. I have no clue what the name of the band was but they were friends of friends of friends. You know how that goes.

Back on track, new music. What do I have for my own albums?

The Lumineers

A Coca Cola Steel Drum Band (random amazing $1 purchase)

Wu Tang; 36 Chambers


Bon Iver

A classical album, ya know, just a Bolero to spice it up

Hood Internet


I think that’s most of it. I feel like there is some more that the roomie got me or I got him but I really can’t remember. I kind of panic at the record store. I spent more time flipping through and trying to decide that I only end up with one at a time. Do I go totally quirky and nuts or stay true to the top hits of the collection’s past? Then I’m like well, how do I even start to fill in the 90s, there’s a gap there! And, I mean there are some from the early 2000s, but if I stay on track with the top hits, damn, I better win the lottery! If you guys have suggestions, let me know in the comments. Please, I need your help! What would your top albums be from the 1990s? From Y2K? 2005?

Also, you should be liking the darn Facebook page already people! There’s some funny links from Buzzfeed, links to cool stuff like a Wu Tang inspired menu in Boston this week and more, MUCH MORE!!

Oh and also, Dawson and Daria do say hi. They’re busy trying to steal the roomie’s Subway so they can’t pose.

I’m Baaaaaaaaaaaack!

Well, it’s been a while (okay a really freakin’ long time), but I’m back!!

What have I been up to, where have I been, why did I abandon you? Well, let’s see, I moved outside the city, my roommate was diagnosed with a weird disease that causes paralysis (CIDP – Wikipedia it) and work has been hectic. I also needed to get a new computer and yeah, long story short, I’m here! Tell your friends, tell your cousin, tell your mom!

There’s a ton of albums I need to add but I need to get everything back. Obviously, moving in the summer, I didn’t want to risk the vinyl and heat so the albums are on siesta at my mom’s. Seriously, it was like 160 degrees when we moved in. Okay, like 110 with humidity, but I still think some of my insides cooked. I have two boxes here out of like 45,000,000.

Hopefully within the next two weeks I’ll be regularly posting again. Look for a ton of various artist albums, some contemporary artists and loads and loads and loads of singles. Oh, and be sure to check out the Facebook page for great links and a personal look into the collection. I’ll be posting some pictures there soon of the music room!

Where Have You Been All My Life?

I’m here, I swear! It’s been a busy month for me. I had a bunch of doctor’s appointments and have been going into the office alot. I’ll be back to regular daily updates this week. I do have a few little updates for y’all in the meantime:

I had to get rid of the image page in the interest of saving space. You of course, can still find the images on my Facebook page!

Also, in the interest of saving space, I’ll be creating a new blog soon for just the singles. Be on the look out for that!

Storage Tips For Your Vinyl

Storing albums is key to keeping the collection alive: no sunlight, upright, not cramped, no dust, etc, etc.

I have started making a custom shelving system of sorts from wooden crates (larger than your typical milk crate) and stacking them. It’s become a combination book and album shelf and needs a paint job again but it does the trick.  This way, I can keep everything vertical and take advantage of being able to stack as I go. I didn’t have enough crates, so any album with multiple artists is kept in my entertainment center on a few shelves (again: vertical and slight loose). They key is keeping them out of direct sunlight (which is easy in our basement level apartment) and making sure they’re in the crates loosely, but not leaning. I always want to be able to slide the albums out of their place easily especially since I do try to keep everything in ABC order. When I take a stack out to enter into Excel, it’s for an hour or two and then everything is put back. Unfortunately there are some albums without covers so I need to check those out and get proper covers.

Everything else is kept vertical in large plastic tupperware in a temperature controled basement/garage at my mom’s until I have the space for everything. She won’t part with them case by case so it’s all or nothing. I’m not sure if it’s in the cards until I move next year unfortunately. Someday though!

It’s not always ideal, but I do what I can! How do you keep your albums?

Oh and be sure to check out this much better article on storing albums here!