America’s Favorite Folk Singer

Ottis Dewey Whitman, Jr. (January 20, 1923 – June 19, 2013), known professionally as Slim Whitman, was an American country music and western music singer, known for his yodeling abilities and his smooth high three octave range falsetto.

Although once known as Americas Favorite Folk Singer, he was consistently more popular throughout Europe, and in particular the United Kingdom, than in his native America, especially with his covers of pop standards, film songs, love songs, folk tunes and melodic gospel hymns.


Side One

Loveliest Night of the Year

Side Two

Near You

Count Basie Swings Joe Williams Sings

I’ve posted about the great Count Basie a few times before but Joe Williams is a new name for the blog and collection (so far, who knows though!). You can definitely explore and wander through the blog to learn more about Basie and his other collaborations if you’re interested!

Joe Williams (December 12, 1918 – March 29, 1999) was a well-known jazz vocalist, a baritone singing a mixture of blues, ballads, popular songs, and jazz standards.


Count Basie Swings Joe Williams Sings

Side One

Everyday (I Have the Blues)
The Comeback
Alright, Okay, You Win
In the Evening (When the Sun Goes Down)

Side Two

Roll ‘Em Pete
Teach Me Tonight
My Baby Upsets Me
Please Send Me Someone to Love
Ev’ry Day

Talib Gets By

I saw Talib with the roommate over the summer at the Boston Urban Music Fest. Personally, I’d much rather see him perform with Mos Def since the two of them together are amazing, but it was an amazing festival and I do truly appreciate Talib’s style and lyrical content. It’s much more than some of the superficial lyrics out there today.

Talib Kweli Greene (born October 3, 1975) is an American hip hop recording artist from Brooklyn, New York. Kweli also earned recognition through his work with fellow Brooklyn-bred rapper Mos Def, in the hip hop group Black Star, as they are collectively known.


Side One

Get By – Clean
Get By – Instrumental

Side Two

Get By – Dirty
Get By – A Cappella

Dub Poets of Jamaica


Word Soun’ ‘Ave Power: Reggae Poetry

Various Artists

Side One

To Plant – Breeze
Set De Prisoners Free – Mutabaruka
Victim – Malachi Smith
Drop It – Tomlin Ellis
Blood Shout – Glenville Bryan

Side Two

Mr. Bigness Man – Navvie Nabbie
Aid Travels with a Bomb – Breeze
Signs of the Times – Oliver Smith
Out of Many One – Mutabaruka